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He does not deserve that, and you sure as sh*t (sorry) are not obligated to go there. They have anal on the reg, and their buttholes become accustomed to that kind of action. As one of my glorious and talented fellow lifestyle writers put it: “Taking a sh*t is a completely different experience for men than it is for women. It's truly two days' work just to prepare to have anal sex.

I am all for female empowerment, but we all know anal sex is more for the benefit for your partner than it is for you. Trust me.”Women are not just throwing stuff in their butts willy nilly. As far as I'm concerned, that kind of effort is reserved for my boyfriend.

Everyone is into the booty these days; whether it is a rim job or straight up anal, it's like everyone is trying on butt play for size. It just is.[I'm still waiting to hear back from Urban Dictionary per my request to have “husband hole” added. It's not like you dudes can just be like, “Hey, can I put it in your butt real quick? There is a clear disconnect that needs to be bridged. My fellow, beautiful, intelligent females: You do not need to have anal sex to make a guy like you.

Let me just say, ladies and gentlemen: The following article is not meant to anal shame. I'm super about the consensual insertion of objects in and around all bungholes. If you're reading this, curators at @Urban Dictionary, please add “husband hole.”]I think we can all agree, ladies, there is nothing casual about getting it up the ass. It is not normal to have that guy “you're kind of talking to” ask to put his dick up your buttonhole.

My husband hole is not going to be a glory hole for dudes that I'm just hanging out with.

It is never okay for any person to have sex with another person who is under 12.Adolescents are also practicing heterosexual anal sex; and again, the prevalence increases with age.Only 5% of females ages 16-17 reported receptive anal intercourse over the past year, while 18% of females aged 18-19 years reported the same activity.Then it kinda stops hurting when you finally relax, but for me, it can get bad again when he starts thrusting. Woman D: If you go at it without any preparation, it hurts a lot. Woman D: The first time is awful and will make you never want to do it again, but with the right guy, it can be fun. Woman C: Over time, you know what to expect and how to enjoy it. Plus you have to combine with vaginal or clitoral stimulation for it to feel really good. I read that putting in a plug during foreplay helps a lot, but I've never used one. It’s better when you start with a finger and try to widen the hole so it doesn’t hurt. Woman A: It feels like you're full and it's super-intense. It also hurts less because you're not as tense and nervous (if you liked it the first time, that is! Woman D: Yes – though it depends on the guy, the mood, and if I’m really turned on. In the beginning of my relationship, I'd get Brazilians, but now I rarely wax for him. [But] it might the girl feel more comfortable if she is waxed, if she worries about that stuff. I suppose any dude who's into anal wouldn't be so particular as to request a smooth entryway. If a guy is doing anal with you, he probably doesn't care about a little bit of natural body hair back there. Just slip it off and that's all the cleanup we needed. A smaller study sample from a 2007 study looking at “main” and “casual” sexual relations among urban minority adolescent females found that teen girls with “casual” partners and those with a “main” partner had a similar percentage Are there health concerns regarding heterosexual anal intercourse?