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Anywhooo, the father-of-six is also getting back in shape as he's been working out almost every day.

“We started out by doing poetry readings and before long local folk musicians kept asking if they could play, so we ended up having them, too.

Then Marc suggested we try a little jazz on some nights, and it just took off from there.

“Yeah, I actually bought a Jeep here back in 1976,” says Marc Shafler as he stands inside the yawning main room and points to the rear wall. The part that’s the prep kitchen now used to be a salt shed, and the section where the offices are was where they stored the lumber to dry.” If there’s a dash or two of irony in his voice, it’s not so surprising: Shafler and his life and business partner, Deborah Mc Dowell, bought the building in 2004 and have just reopened it as the new location of Club Helsinki, the celebrated music venue and eatery they ran in Great Barrington for nearly 15 years.

Standing proudly in Hudson at what was then the corner of North Fourth and Diamond Streets—in the 1950s the town bulldozed and renamed the once brothel-lined latter road Columbia Street, in an effort to erase its internationally infamous, vice-ridden past—the property would later see use as a maintenance facility for city buses and as a garage and car dealership.

"We had an unbelievable connection as two humans who just admire things about each other, and see something in each other that's beautiful."Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I'm not going to say if we had sex or not.

But we did have a beautiful connection."Kate previously opened up on why she and Matt Bellamy ended their engagement, saying: "If Matt and I had a great relationship, we would still be together."The former couple – who have a 5-year-old son, Bingham Hawn – announced their split after four years together in December 2014, with Muse frontman Bellamy later saying it "was for the best".

Pitt has been keeping himself pretty busy these days as he's been spending more time with his children and has even picked up a new hobby — he makes sculptures now!

Not to mention, the industry vet is currently lining up his next professional gig where he is slated to juggle two roles, actor AND producer.

“Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I’m not going to say if we had sex or not.

Retired Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has been linked to all kinds during and after his first (and only) marriage.

source, the actress and DJ left NYC's Met Gala together in May and met up again in mid-July in Spain.