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Formigal is one of the resorts that is part of the Aramón group, located in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Whether you are thinking of booking one of our ski deals, or if you've already chosen your pack hotel in Formigal, you can not miss this helpful.

Overview The DGS-1210 Series is the latest generation of D-Link® Gigabit Web Smart Switches featuring D-Link Green 3.0 technology.

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The Port Ainé webcams are installed in strategic locations to allow you to see the slope conditions perfectly.

The Catalan Pyrenees offers great snow conditions throughout the ski season.

Please note Chile Premium numbers; 5611, 5612, 56900, 56902, 56904 are £1.50 per minute National calls are charged at 6p per minute to all landlines and 10p per minute to mobiles.

Directory inquiry calls to 181 are charged at 10p per minute.

These models include the DGS-1210-10P, DGS-1210-28P and DGS-1210-52MP.

Using the switch’s management interface, an administrator can control various Po E functions, such as remotely rebooting cameras or access points, from anywhere on the network, including over the Internet.

Keep an eye on the webcams for Formigal, especially in the morning as you'll see the peaks of the ski resort under the bright rays of the sun.

If you want to see somebody in action, check out the webcams at noon, especially in Sarrios-Cantal I. We'll be adding more webcams during the season so make sure you visit our site frequently.

In addition, each switch supports 2 or 4 Gigabit SFP ports for optical connections using multimode or singlemode SFP transceivers.

Po E Support Several models in the DGS-1210 series family support Power-over-Ethernet capabilities, simplifying deployments with IP cameras, Vo IP phones, wireless access points, and other powered devices.

Here you can see the webcams Formigal live to see the state of the ski slopes in the Aragonese resort.